In this four-part series of tête-à-têtes between financial expert and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts and political satirist and author C.J. Hopkins, we are taken on a deep dive into the history of the financial coup that has been going on for several decades. We are learning more about the background and hidden movements behind the global coup that is threatening to capture not only our assets but also our minds.

When two people from such completely different worlds come together, their approach is naturally creative and offers both, the necessary seriousness and a pinch of humour. A great mix for such important topics! These important and illuminating conversations took place in Europe in August of 2021, but are still as timely as they could be. In fact, they also provide a welcome review of social and political events of the previous year(s) that must not be forgotten.


All four conversations also exist with German voiceover on the OVALmedia website:

We Need to Talk About Mr. Global- Wie Sind Wir Hierher Gekommen? – TEIL EINS
We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – Der Finanzielle Staatsstreich – TEIL ZWEI
We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – Propaganda – TEIL DREI
We Need to Talk About Mr. Global – The Future – TEIL VIER

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